Types of Brain Disorders

General categories of brain disorders include:

Traumatic Brain Conditions: Disorders caused by brain trauma or head injury include:

Brain Infections and Inflammation: Disorders of an inflammation or infection of the brain include:

Dementia Disorders: Various dementia disorders include:

Encephalopathies: Types of encephalopathy include:

Prion Infections: Rare disorders caused by prions in the brain include:

Headache Disorders: Types of headaches include:

Psychiatric Disorders: Some of the psychological and psychiatric disorders related to the brain include:

Other Types: Other specific types of brain disorders include:

Brain Symptoms: Symptoms related to the brain include:

Disease Categories: See also related disease categories:

Mental Health Disorders: Some of the categories of the “mind” as in mental health disorders include:

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Disorders of blood vessels in the brain, including stroke. Several disorders associated with blood vessel formation and activity can cause headache. Most notable among these conditions is stroke in both its hemorrhagic and ischemic forms. Headache itself can cause stroke or accompany a series of blood vessel disorders that can cause a stroke.

Source: NINDS (NIH)1

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Cognitive health—the ability to clearly think, learn, and remember—is an important component of brain health. Others include:

  • Motor function—how well you make and control movements
  • Emotional function—how well you interpret and respond to emotions
  • Sensory function—how well you feel and respond to sensations of touch, including pressure, pain, and temperature

Source: NIA (NIH)2

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Types of this condition may include:3 Types of Brain Disorders:

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Types of this condition:4 Types of Brain Disorders:

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Types of this condition may include:5

Types of Brain Disorders:

  • Brain Neoplasm
  • Non-Neoplastic Brain Disorder
  • Organic Mental Disorder

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Types may include:6

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