Brain Disorders

A variety of brain disorders can occur, and many are very serious such as stroke or brain tumor. Any type of brain injury can cause brain hemorrhage or concussion (post-concussion syndrome). Many types of Psychiatric Disorders are related to the brain (e.g. Schizophrenia). There is a distinction between ...

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Introduction: Brain Disorders

The brain is the control center of the body. It controls thoughts, memory, speech, and movement. It regulates the function of many organs. When the brain is healthy, it works quickly and automatically. However, when problems occur, the results can ...1

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Symptoms of Brain Disorders

Signs or symptoms of LCH that affects the CNS (brain and spinal cord) may include:

These signs and symptoms ...2

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Causes List for Brain Disorders

Some possible causes of Brain Disorders or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Brain Disorders

General categories of brain disorders include:

Traumatic Brain Conditions: Disorders ...

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Types of Brain Disorders

Disorders of blood vessels in the brain, including stroke. Several disorders associated with blood vessel formation and activity can cause headache. Most notable among these conditions is stroke in both its hemorrhagic and ischemic forms. Headache itself can cause stroke ...4

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Risk Factors for Brain Disorders

Risks to Cognitive Health: Genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors are all thought to influence cognitive health. Some of these factors may contribute to a decline in thinking skills and the ability to perform everyday tasks such as driving, paying bills ...5

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Prevention of Brain Disorders

This guide focuses on cognitive health and what you can do to help maintain it. The following steps can help you function every day and stay independent—and they have been linked to cognitive health, too. Take Care of Your ...6

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Research for Brain Disorders

Participating in Cognitive Health Research: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other organizations conduct and support a variety of studies looking at cognition and the brain. These studies look at how the brain changes with age, diseases and conditions ...7

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