Atherosclerosis is the narrowing and hardening of the arteries. It is related to high cholesterol (and high triglycerides). Strictly speaking, the narrowing of the arteries is called atheroma, the hardening of the artery walls is called arteriosclerosis, and the combination of the two results in atherosclerosis. Both types of artery ...

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Introduction: Atherosclerosis

What Is Atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart and other parts of your body. Plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol ...1

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Symptoms of Atherosclerosis

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis usually doesn't cause signs and symptoms until it severely narrows or totally blocks an artery. Many people don't know they have the disease until they have a medical emergency, such as ...2

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Complications of Atherosclerosis

atherosclerosis (ATH-er-o-skler-O-sis). Over time, plaque hardens and narrows your coronary arteries. This limits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Eventually, an area of plaque can rupture (break open). This causes a blood clot ...3

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Causes of Atherosclerosis

The cause of atherosclerosis isn't known. However, certain traits, conditions, or habits may raise your risk for the disease. These conditions are known as risk factors. You can control some risk factors, such as lack of physical activity, smoking, and ...4

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Causes List for Atherosclerosis

Some possible causes of Atherosclerosis or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Atherosclerosis

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Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis

How Is Atherosclerosis Diagnosed? Your doctor will diagnose atherosclerosis based on your medical and family histories, a physical exam, and test results. Specialists Involved If you have atherosclerosis, a primary care doctor, such as an internist or family practitioner, may ...6

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Genetics of Atherosclerosis

Family history of early heart disease. Your risk for atherosclerosis increases if your father or a brother was diagnosed with heart disease before 55 years of age, or if your mother or a sister was diagnosed with heart disease before ...7

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Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis

Who Is at Risk for Atherosclerosis? The exact cause of atherosclerosis isn't known. However, certain traits, conditions, or habits may raise your risk for the disease. These conditions are known as risk factors. The more risk factors you have, the ...8

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Treatments: Atherosclerosis

The main treatment for atherosclerosis is lifestyle changes. You also may need medicines and medical procedures. These treatments, along with ongoing medical care, can help you live a healthier life. ...Source: NHLBI (NIH)9 ...

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Prevention of Atherosclerosis

How Can Atherosclerosis Be Prevented or Delayed? Taking action to control your risk factors can help prevent or delay atherosclerosis and its related diseases. Your risk for atherosclerosis increases with the number of risk factors you have. One step you ...10

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Research for Atherosclerosis

Latest NIH Research: Recent gene-mapping research has found the largest set of genes yet discovered underlying high cholesterol and high triglycerides—the major risk factors for coronary heart disease. The new findings point to specific genetic signposts that help ...11

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Names and Terminology

Other Names for Atherosclerosis

Source: NHLBI (NIH)12 ...

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