Ataxia: Related Symptoms

Symptoms related to Ataxia include:

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  • Gait Symptoms: Gait abnormality or gait symptoms refers to a difficulty with walking. The style or method of walking is abnormal. There are a number of different typical types of gait abnormalities ...

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  • Speech difficulty: Speech difficulty may include problems understanding speech, word processing problems, or difficulty with the articulation of speech (dysarthria). Firstly, note that sudden onset of slurred speech or speech changes is ...

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  • Dystonia: Dystonia is an abnormality of muscle tone usually from muscle spasm. Dystonia refers to muscles having excessive tone or “too much strength” (from a muscle spasm), rather than “low muscle ...

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  • Seizures: Seizures can range from small local muscle movements to full body seizures. Although epilepsy is the best-known cause, there are numerous other possible causes of seizures. Febrile convulsions are ...

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  • Asterixis: Asterixis is a particular type of movement symptom where the muscles suddenly relax. The cause is usually liver disease, kidney disease or pulmonary disease. It can occur as a side ...

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