Misdiagnosis of Asthma

Undiagnosed Asthma: Asthma is not always diagnosed immediately. Other respiratory conditions may be detected and treated, with the underlying asthma not discovered until later.

Other Respiratory Diseases: An asthma diagnosis needs to be considered against other respiratory illnesses. There is also the possibility of having infectious respiratory diseases while also having asthma. Indeed, viral infections can often trigger an asthma attack.

Other Causes of Wheezing: Asthma is not the only disease to cause wheezing. Various other disorders can cause wheezing or difficulty breathing.

Associated Allergic Diseases: Asthma has an allergic basis, and there are other allergic disorders that are more common in asthmatics. Some of these conditions include:

Complications of Asthma: Ongoing monitoring for the complications of asthma is important. The primary concern is the early detection and treatment of an Asthma Attack.

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Misdiagnosis of Asthma

AAT Deficiency: At first, many people who have AAT deficiency are diagnosed with asthma. This is because wheezing also is a symptom of asthma. Also, people who have AAT deficiency respond well to asthma medicines.

Source: NHLBI (NIH)1

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Complex diagnosis issues or misdiagnosis may occur with conditions such as:

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