Deaths and Asthma

Whilst asthma in some individuals can have mild symptoms, asthma is a condition that needs to be taken seriously as it can be life threatening. It is estimated that 255,000 people are killed by asthma worldwide every year.

It is important that the condition is diagnosed, treated and monitored. The majority of asthma deaths can be avoided by following an effective management plan.

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Deaths: Asthma

Asthma mortality is low and there is a tendency to decrease in most European countries. Although mortality is low, most asthma deaths result from acute exacerbations and are generally thought to be avoidable. Increases in asthma deaths, especially those persisting over a long period, thus raise concerns about the potential effects of changes in the medical management of asthma in addition to concerns about changes in asthma's underlying prevalence or severity. Death from asthma may thus be viewed as a sentinel health event.

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