Asthma Attack

What Is an Asthma Attack? An asthma attack may include coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, and trouble breathing. The attack happens in your bodyís airways, which are the paths that carry air to your lungs. As the air moves through ...1

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Symptoms of Asthma Attack

What are the symptoms of asthma? Wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and trouble breathing. During an asthma attack, the muscles around the airways tighten up, more mucus is produced, and asthma symptoms become worse. ...Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)2 ...

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Causes List for Asthma Attack

Some possible causes of Asthma Attack or similar disorders may include:3

  • Airborne allergies (Asthma attacks)
  • Allergies (Asthma attacks)
  • Asthma (Asthma Attacks, Mild asthma attack, Moderate asthma attack, Severe asthma attack, Symptoms of an asthma attack, asthma ...
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Treatments: Asthma Attack

It's important to treat symptoms when they first appear to prevent them from getting worse and causing severe attacks. Severe attacks require emergency care and can be fatal. ...Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)4 ...

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Prevention of Asthma Attack

Asthma and the Outdoors: If you have asthma:

  • Avoid outdoor activities in the afternoons on warmer days, when the risk of air pollution is highest.
  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities if the air is polluted. Check your regionís air quality ...
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