Treatments for Aniridia

Aniridia: The treatment of aniridia is aimed at keeping the person's vision. Drugs or surgery may help when there is glaucoma or cataracts. Contact lenses can harm the cornea and should be avoided.

Source: NHGRI (NIH)1

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In childhood, treatment for aniridia involves regular eye examinations and corrective lenses when necessary. Additional measures such as tinted lenses to reduce light sensitivity, low-vision aids, and the use of eye patches for amblyopia may be indicated. Children with Wilms tumor-aniridia-genital anomalies-retardation (WAGR) syndrome require regular renal ultrasounds, hearing tests, and evaluation by a pediatric oncologist. Additional treatment will depend on the specific symptoms present in each individual.[1, 2] Last updated: 10/19/2016

Source: GARD (NIH)2

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