Misdiagnosis of Anemia

Undiagnosed Anemia: The tiredness and similar symptoms can be mild enough that people donít notice that something is wrong. Or patients may attribute their puffing after exercise to poor physical conditioning.

Anemia in Pregnancy: Anemia is a common problem in pregnancy. Here too, it can be overlooked by the patient, and it is important to watch for the symptoms of anemia, and to ask your doctor about testing for anemia. Childbirth and related bleeding is a risk for anemia. A new mother, or a nursing mother, is also at risk of anemia. And having a second pregnancy closely following the first one is also a risk. Creating babies uses a lot of iron from the mother.

Undiagnosed Rare Types of Anemia: Some types of anemia can be difficult to diagnose, for similar reasons to other classic types of anemia. Some of the types with difficult diagnoses include:

Hidden Causes of Anemia: Anemia can be the complication of other diseases, where there is bleeding, loss of iron, poor iron absorption, and so on:

Other Disorders With Vague Symptoms: Anemia is only one of many different disorders with mild or vague symptoms. Tiredness and fatigue is a common symptom of a number of different diseases, all of which have difficult issues in diagnosis. The differential diagnosis list might include:

And there are many other insidious diseases with vague symptoms. Read more about: Vague Symptoms.

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Undiagnosed: Anemia

Mild to moderate iron-deficiency anemia may have no signs or symptoms. Thus, you may not know you have it unless your doctor discovers it from a screening test or while checking for other problems.

Source: NHLBI (NIH)1

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Mild to moderate anemia may cause very mild symptoms or none at all.

Source: NHLBI (NIH)2

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Many people living with anemia may not realize they have it. They might have mild symptoms or none at all.

Source: NIH News in Health (NIH)3

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Complex diagnosis issues or misdiagnosis may occur with conditions such as:

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