Allergies: Related Symptoms

Symptoms related to Allergies include:

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  • Allergic rash: An allergic rash may arise from various types of allergies. Skin contact with an allergen may result in allergic contact dermatitis, with a skin rash (e.g. atopic dermatitis, contact ...

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  • Runny Nose: A runny nose is a very common symptom with many causes. The related medical terms are rhinitis (nose inflammation) and rhinorrhea (nasal discharge). The most common causes are usually self ...

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  • Watery Eye: Watery eyes are the result of excessive tear production (epiphora), poor eye drainage, or both. This may lead to an overflow of tears onto the cheeks. Common causes include viral ...

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  • Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity can refer to allergies or a sensitivity to some other substance or stimulant. A person who is hypersensitive to a particular allergen has an allergy to that substance (e ...

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  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity is a general symptom description that may refer to emotional symptoms or physical symptoms. Emotional sensitivity may refer to depressive symptoms, irritability, sadness, crying, and similar symptoms. Physical sensitivity ...

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