Alcoholism is the abuse of alcohol due to a chronic addiction to alcohol. Drinking a few drinks to cope with some of lifeís stress is not a good idea, and can slide into alcoholism. Chronic alcoholism results in symptoms other than the chronic and profound need of alcohol, such ...

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Introduction: Alcoholism

If you are like many Americans, you drink alcohol at least occasionally. For many people, moderate drinking is probably safe. It may even have health benefits, including reducing your risk of certain heart problems. For most women and for most ...1

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Symptoms of Alcoholism

Clinical features: Imported from Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)

Source: GTR (NCBI/NIH)2 ...

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Complications of Alcoholism

People who drink too much over a long period of time may experience alcoholís longer-term effects, which can include: Alcohol use disorder Health problems Increased risk for certain cancers In addition, long-term alcohol use disorder may result ...3

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Causes of Alcoholism

Many people do not understand why people become addicted to drugs. The truth is: drugs change the brain and cause repeated drug abuse. Drug addiction is a brain disease. Drug use leads to changes in the structure and function of ...4

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Causes List for Alcoholism

Some possible causes of Alcoholism or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Alcoholism

Alcoholism Subtypes Identified: Why do some alcoholics benefit from medications or counseling while others donít? That question has been a major challenge for scientists who study alcohol disorders. A new analysis of people with alcohol dependence has found 5 ...6

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Diagnosis of Alcoholism

To be diagnosed with an AUD, individuals must meet certain criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Under DSM-5, the current version of the DSM, anyone meeting any two of the 11 criteria during ...7

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Genetics of Alcoholism

Biology. Genes, gender, ethnicity, and the presence of other mental disorders may increase risk for drug abuse and addiction. ...Source: OWH (DHHS)8 ...

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Risk Factors for Alcoholism

Rates of alcohol dependence increase with the amount of alcohol consumed. For instance, about 10% of binge drinkers are alcohol dependent, while 30% of people who binge frequently (10 or more times a month) are alcohol dependent. ...Source: CDC Features ...9

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Treatments: Alcoholism

However severe the problem may seem, most people with an alcohol use disorder can benefit from treatment. Unfortunately, only of a fraction of people who could benefit from treatment receive help. In 2012, for example, 1.4 million adults received ...10

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Prevention of Alcoholism

Drinking: Research shows that students who choose not to drink often do so because their parents discussed alcohol use and its adverse consequences with them. Nighttime restrictions on young drivers and strict license suspension policies, interventions focused on partnerships between ...11

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Research for Alcoholism

What does the future of alcohol abuse research hold? The future holds promise for a substantially reduced public health burden of alcohol misuse to our society, through carefully targeted therapies, such as traditional counseling as well as medicines that can ...12

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Names and Terminology


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