Alcohol Addiction

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Severe alcohol use disorder, which is characterized by:

  • Craving—a strong need, or compulsion, to drink
  • Loss of control—inability to stop once drinking has begun
  • Dependence—withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and negative emotional states, such as ...
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Complications of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol misuse and abuse can lead to many health problems such as liver and brain damage, and even death through alcohol overdose. Excessive alcohol consumption may lead to violence, injury, and unplanned sexual behaviour. At the very least, you could ...1

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Types of Alcohol Addiction

The Importance of Drinking Patterns: Too much drinking (see box left)—on a single occasion or over time—can take a serious toll. Most people recognize that drinking too much can lead to accidents and dependence. But that's only part ...2

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Genetics of Alcohol Addiction

Genetic makeup and environment contribute to the risk for severe alcohol use disorder. ...Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)3 ...

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Risk Factors for Alcohol Addiction

Of the people who began drinking before age 14, 47% became alcohol dependent at some point later in their lives, compared with 9% of those who began drinking at age 21 or older. ...Source: NIH News in Health (NIH)4 ...

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Treatments: Alcohol Addiction

What are the major reasons that many people don't know about FDA-approved medications that can help curb alcohol problems? It may be because medications are still a relatively recent addition to alcohol treatment modalities, "competing" against more well-known ...5

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Prevention of Alcohol Addiction

National alcohol guidelines Australia's alcohol guidelines help people make informed decisions about low risk alcohol consumption. Healthy adults Drinking no more than 2 standard drinks on any day reduces the lifetime risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury ...6

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Research for Alcohol Addiction

What does the future of alcohol abuse research hold? The future holds promise for a substantially reduced public health burden of alcohol misuse to our society, through carefully targeted therapies, such as traditional counseling as well as medicines that can ...7

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