AL amyloidosis

Summary: AL amyloidosisis the most common form of amyloidosis, a group of disorders in which an abnormal protein called amyloid builds up in tissues and organs. The signs and symptoms of AL amyloidosis vary among patients because the build up ...1

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Symptoms of AL amyloidosis

Signs and symptoms of AL amyloidosis The symptoms of AL amyloidosis depend on which tissues and organs are affected. Kidney failure Most people with AL amyloidosis have a build-up of amyloid proteins (amyloid deposits) in their kidneys, and are ...2

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Causes of AL amyloidosis

Cause of AL amyloidosis AL amyloidosis is caused by an abnormality in certain cells found in the bone marrow, called plasma cells. The abnormal plasma cells produce abnormal forms of light chain proteins, which enter the bloodstream and can form ...3

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Causes List for AL amyloidosis

Some possible causes of AL amyloidosis or similar disorders may include:4

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Diagnosis of AL amyloidosis

Diagnosing AL amyloidosis Diagnosing AL amyloidosis can be hard, as the symptoms are often vague and not specific. A small tissue sample (a biopsy) can be taken from the affected part of your body. Your doctor will talk to you ...5

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Treatments: AL amyloidosis

Treating AL amyloidosis There isn't currently a cure for amyloidosis. The amyloid deposits can't be directly removed. But there are treatments to stop more of the abnormal proteins being produced and treat your symptoms. These treatments can give your body ...6

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Names and Terminology

Related Diseases: The following diseases are related to AL amyloidosis. If you have a question about any of these diseases, you can contact GARD.

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