Airway obstruction

Airway obstruction occurs when the airways become blocked causing breathing difficulty and choking. The airways may be partially or fully blocked. Causes of airway obstruction include foreign body aspiration, vomit aspiration, and bronchospasm (e.g. asthma attack). Airway obstruction is a medical emergency requiring immediate action. ...

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Introduction: Airway obstruction

Food or small objects can cause choking if they get caught in your throat and block your airway. This keeps oxygen from getting to your lungs and brain. If your brain goes without oxygen for more than four minutes, you ...1

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Causes List for Airway obstruction

Some possible causes of Airway obstruction or similar disorders may include:2

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Types of Airway obstruction

There are several different types of airway obstruction:

  • Partial airway obstruction
  • Total airway obstruction

Types of obstruction based on the cause include:

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