Acute pancreatitis

What is acute pancreatitis? Acute pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that occurs suddenly and usually resolves in a few days with treatment. Acute pancreatitis can be a life-threatening illness with severe complications. Each year, about 210,000 people ...1

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Symptoms of Acute pancreatitis

The most common symptoms of acute pancreatitis include:

  • suddenly getting severe pain in the centre of your abdomen (tummy)
  • feeling or being sick
  • diarrhoea

Read more about the symptoms of acute pancreatitis and diagnosing acute pancreatitis.

Source: NHS Choices UK ...2

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Complications of Acute pancreatitis

Complications: About four out of five cases of acute pancreatitis improve quickly and don't cause any serious further problems. However, one in five cases are severe and can result in life-threatening complications, such as multiple organ failure. In severe ...3

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Causes of Acute pancreatitis

Why it happens: It's thought that acute pancreatitis occurs when a problem develops with some of the enzymes (chemicals) in the pancreas, which causes them to try to digest the organ. Acute pancreatitis is most often linked to:

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Causes List for Acute pancreatitis

Some possible causes of Acute pancreatitis or similar disorders may include:4

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Diagnosis of Acute pancreatitis

Diagnosis: Most cases of acute pancreatitis are diagnosed in hospital because of the risk of serious complications. The doctor in charge of your care will ask you about the history of your symptoms. They may also carry out a physical ...5

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Genetics of Acute pancreatitis

Researchers have also discovered that people with a specific genetic mutation, known as the MCP-1 mutation, are eight times more likely to develop severe acute pancreatitis than the general population. A genetic mutation is where the instructions (DNA) found ...6

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Treatments: Acute pancreatitis

How it's treated Treatment for acute pancreatitis focuses on supporting the functions of the body until the inflammation has passed. This usually involves admission to hospital so you can be given fluids into a vein (intravenous fluids), as well as ...7

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Prevention of Acute pancreatitis

Prevention: As acute pancreatitis is often caused by gallstones or excessive alcohol consumption, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your chances of developing the condition. Gallstones The most effective way of preventing gallstones is eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes ...8

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