Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

Acute closed-angle glaucoma is a rapid and extremely serious form of glaucoma, where the eye’s internal pressure suddenly becomes too high. Acute glaucoma is a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment to prevent permanent blindness in the affected eye. Symptoms include severe eye pain, eye redness, blurred vision, and ...

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Introduction: Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

In angle-closure glaucoma, the fluid at the front of the eye cannot drain through the angle and leave the eye. The angle gets blocked by part of the iris. People with this type of glaucoma may have a sudden ...1

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Symptoms of Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain, becomes damaged. Your eye will probably be very red and painful, and you may feel sick and see halos around lights. Your vision ...2

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Complications of Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

Without treatment to restore the flow of fluid, the eye can become blind. ...Source: NEI (NIH)3 ...

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Types of Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

Some types of this condition may include:4 Types of Acute closed-angle glaucoma:

  • primary angle-closure glaucoma
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Diagnosis of Acute Closed-Angle Glaucoma

If your GP thinks you may have glaucoma, they'll refer you to an eye specialist called an ophthalmologist immediately. This is because it could lead to a permanent loss of vision if not treated quickly. Read more about glaucoma ...5

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