Acromegaly is a rare endocrine disorder that leads to excessive growth. It is caused by a pituitary gland disorder (usually a tumor) that causes an excessive of pituitary growth hormone to be produced. If the excessive growth hormone occurs in a child (who is still growing), the result is a ...

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Introduction: Acromegaly

Summary: Acromegaly is a hormonal disorder that results from the pituitary gland producing too much growth hormone (GH). It is most often diagnosed in middle-aged adults, although symptoms can appear at any age. Signs and symptoms include abnormal growth ...1

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Symptoms of Acromegaly

In adults, acromegaly (growth of the bones in the face, hands, and feet). In children, the whole body may grow much taller and larger than normal. ...Source: NCI (NIH)2 ...

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Complications of Acromegaly

If not treated, acromegaly can result in serious illness and premature death. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)3 ...

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Causes of Acromegaly

In acromegaly, the pituitary produces excessive amounts of GH. Usually the excess GH comes from benign, or noncancerous, tumors on the pituitary. These benign tumors are called adenomas. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)4 ...

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Causes List for Acromegaly

Some possible causes of Acromegaly or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Acromegaly

Some types of this condition may include:6 Types of acromegaly:

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Diagnosis of Acromegaly

How is acromegaly diagnosed? Blood tests If acromegaly is suspected, a doctor must measure the GH level in a personís blood to determine if it is elevated. However, a single measurement of an elevated blood GH level is not ...7

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Genetics of Acromegaly

Acromegaly does sometimes run in families, but most of the time it's not inherited. Adenomas usually spontaneously develop because of a genetic change in a cell of the pituitary gland. This change causes uncontrolled growth of the affected cells, creating ...8

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Misdiagnosis: Acromegaly

Undiagnosed Acromegaly. Because of its insidious nature, acromegaly can often remain undiagnosed for some time. The patient is simply unaware of the slow growth of parts of their body. Gigantism. This similar condition in growing children is also often overlooked ...

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Treatments: Acromegaly

How is acromegaly treated? Currently, treatment options include surgical removal of the tumor, medical therapy, and radiation therapy of the pituitary. Goals of treatment are to

  • reduce excess hormone production to normal levels
  • relieve the pressure that the growing pituitary ...
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Research for Acromegaly

Information about you: If you have acromegaly, your clinical team will pass information about you on to the National Congenital Anomaly and Rare Diseases Registration Service (NCARDRS). This helps scientists look for better ways to prevent and treat this condition ...9

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Names and Terminology

When GH-producing tumors occur in childhood, the disease that results is called gigantism rather than acromegaly. ...Source: NIDDK (NIH)10 ...

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