ACL Tears

Symptoms of ACL Tears

she heard "a pop" coming from her left knee. The pain was instantaneous. "It felt like glass breaking," she says, "I fell over, and I knew it wasn't good." Michelle had just torn a part of her knee called the ...1

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Causes of ACL Tears

Although ACL injuries are most often seen in team sports, 70 percent are incurred with little or no contact with another athlete. As with Michelle, the athlete often reacts to a nearby player, and the sudden movement causes the ACL ...2

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Diagnosis of ACL Tears

Diagnosis: The doctor may perform several tests to see whether the parts of the knee stay in proper position when pressure is applied in different directions. A thorough examination is essential. An MRI is accurate in detecting a complete tear ...3

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Treatments: ACL Tears

Treatment: Surgery to repair the ACL tear is usually followed by physical therapy over a period of from six to 12 months, depending on the tear. ...Source: MedLinePlus Magazine (NIH)4 ...

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Prevention of ACL Tears

Prevention: The anterior cruciate ligament is most often stretched or torn (or both) by a sudden twisting motion (for example, when the feet are planted one way and the knees are turned another). Although ACL tears are usually difficult to ...5

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