Abnormal Heart Murmurs

Many heart murmurs are harmless and often normal for a person. These are called “innocent murmurs”. However, sometimes there is an underlying heart disorders, in which case these are called “abnormal heart murmurs”. ...

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Symptoms of Abnormal Heart Murmurs

People who have abnormal heart murmurs may have signs or symptoms of the heart problems causing the murmurs. These signs and symptoms may include:

  • Poor eating and failure to grow normally (in infants)
  • Shortness of breath, which may occur only ...
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Causes of Abnormal Heart Murmurs

Most abnormal murmurs in children are caused by congenital (kon-JEN-ih-tal) heart defects. These defects are problems with the heart's structure that are present at birth. In adults, abnormal heart murmurs most often are caused by acquired heart valve disease ...1

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Causes List for Abnormal Heart Murmurs

Some possible causes of Abnormal Heart Murmurs or similar disorders may include:2

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Treatments: Abnormal Heart Murmurs

If you or your child has an abnormal heart murmur, your doctor will recommend treatment for the disease or condition causing the murmur. Some medical conditions, such as anemia or hyperthyroidism, can cause heart murmurs that aren't related to heart disease ...3

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Names and Terminology

Abnormal Heart Murmurs

Source: NHLBI (NIH)4 ...

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