3-M syndrome: Related Conditions and Diseases

Other diseases and conditions related to 3-M syndrome may include:

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Disease Articles

  • Short Stature: Slowed Bone Growth and Deformities: Damaged kidneys must work harder to clear phosphorus from the body. High levels of phosphorus cause lower levels of calcium in the blood, resulting in1 ...

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  • Dwarfism: A dwarf is a person of short stature - under 4' 10" as an adult. More than 200 different conditions can cause dwarfism. A single type, called achondroplasia, causes about 702 ...

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  • Low Birth Weight: Birth weight is the first weight of your baby, taken just after he or she is born. A low birth weight is less than 5.5 pounds. A high birth3 ...

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  • Hyperlordosis: Summary Abnormally increased cuvature (anterior concavity) of the lumbar or cervical spine.4,5 ...

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  • Clinodactyly: Summary An angulation of a digit at an interphalangeal joint in the plane of the palm (finger) or sole (toe).6,7 ...

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