Allergic angioedema

Allergic: Caused by or related to allergies or an allergic reaction.

Angioedema: See main article: Angioedema

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There are several different types of angioedema, each of which has a different cause.

It can be caused by: an allergic reaction, such as a food allergy - this is known as "allergic angioedema"

Source: NHS Choices UK1

Causes of Allergic angioedema


Angioedema is often the result of an allergic reaction.

This is where the body mistakes a harmless substance, such as a certain food, for something dangerous. It releases chemicals into the body to attack the substance, which cause the skin to swell.

Angioedema can be triggered by an allergic reaction to:

  • certain types of food - particularly nuts, shellfish, milk and eggs
  • some types of medication - including some antibiotics, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen
  • insect bites and stings - particularly wasp and bee stings
  • latex - a type of rubber used to make medical gloves, balloons and condoms

Angioedema caused by allergies is known as "allergic angioedema".

Source: NHS Choices UK2

Treatments for Allergic angioedema

allergic and idiopathic angioedema are usually treated with antihistamines or occasionally steroid medication to reduce the swelling

Source: NHS Choices UK3

Preventions for Allergic angioedema

Avoiding triggers

Avoiding particular substances or activities that trigger your symptoms may help reduce your chances of experiencing swelling.

For example, if you're allergic to a certain type of food, it can help to check the ingredients in food you buy and be careful when eating out.

Read about preventing allergic reactions for more advice.

Source: NHS Choices UK4

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