Perimenopause is the name given to the “pre-menopause” transition in adult women from normal menstruation into the full menstrual cessation of menopause. There is often some level of menstrual irregularity during this time. Many of the symptoms of menopause also occur during perimenopause (e.g. menstrual irregularity, hot flushes, etc.).

Introduction: Perimenopause

The menopausal transition, sometimes called perimenopause, begins several years before a woman’s last period. ...Source: NIA (NIH)1 ...

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MeSH Definition: Perimenopause

Perimenopause: The transitional period before and after Menopause. Perimenopausal symptoms are associated with irregular Menstrual Cycle and widely fluctuated hormone levels. They may appear 6 ...2

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