Sebaceous glands

Sebaceous Glands: Small, sacculated organs found within the Dermis. Each gland has a single duct that emerges from a cluster of oval alveoli. Each alveolus consists of a transparent Basement Membrane enclosing epithelial cells. The ducts from most sebaceous glands open into a Hair Follicle, but some open on the general surface of the Skin. Sebaceous glands secrete Sebum.1

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Sebaceous Gland: Small glands located within the epidermis, and associated with the hair follicle, that produce and secrete an oily substance that lubricates the skin and hair.2


Types may include:3

Types of Sebaceous Gland:

  • Meibomian Gland
  • Montgomery s Tubercle
  • Sebaceous Gland of the Eyelash

Categories for Sebaceous glands

Category of Sebaceous Gland:

  • Exocrine Gland

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