Respiratory system

The respiratory system is the system related to breathing. The upper respiratory system includes the oral region (nose/mouth), throat, pharynx, and so on. The lower respiratory system includes the lungs, bronchi, and similar organs. Respiratory symptoms include breathing symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, etc. Respiratory disorders include upper respiratory tract infection (URTI), such as common cold, flu, croup, etc. Read more about: Respiratory Symptoms, Respiratory Disorders

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Respiratory System: The tubular and cavernous organs and structures, by means of which pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange between ambient air and the blood are brought about.1

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Respiratory Therapy: Any form of treatment that acts to improve or assist with respiratory function.2

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Respiratory system adverse event: An adverse event that occurs in respiratory system.3


Types may include:4

Types of Respiratory Therapy:

  • Expiratory Muscle Strength Training
  • Pulmonary Hygiene

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Category of Respiratory Therapy:


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