Neck muscles

Neck Muscles: The neck muscles consist of the platysma, splenius cervicis, sternocleidomastoid(eus), longus colli, the anterior, medius, and posterior scalenes, digastric(us), stylohyoid(eus), mylohyoid(eus), geniohyoid(eus), sternohyoid(eus), omohyoid(eus), sternothyroid(eus), and thyrohyoid(eus).1

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Neck Muscle: Any skeletal muscle located in the neck.2


Types may include:3

Types of Neck Muscle:

  • Digastric Muscle
  • Hyoid Muscle
  • Platysma Myoides
  • Scalene Muscle
  • Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

Categories for Neck muscles

Category of Neck Muscle:

  • Head and Neck Muscle

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